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Always imitated but never equaled, Andre Bélair has established a solid reputation as a reference in the moving industry on both shores in the Ottawa and Quebec region surrounding Gatineau. For over 28 years, the three major real estate agencies in Ottawa have constantly referred their clients to Déménagement André Bélair. Moreover, as a clear token of confidence, 75% of seniors who chose to move were referred by our partners in residences in the Outaouais and Ontario.

The company’s president thrives to enforce values of respect and honesty towards its partners and its clients. For this, we want to say thank our many partners for their trust and also to welcome any future partners.

It is a pleasure to serve you,

André Bélair

At Brigil, our customer service is the very foundation upon which our tradition of excellence continues to grow. That’s why it’s essential for us to be supported by solid partners who share our values and our sense of professionalism.

Thus, for many years, we have referred our clients to Déménagement André Bélair without hesitation. We know that our residents will be in good hands and that they will benefit from an exceptional service that will meet their expectations… and ours!

Moving into a new home is a big event and we are delighted to be able to count on the experience and know-how of Déménagement André Bélair to accompany our residents through this adventure. Thank you to the entire team for your attentiveness and your outstanding service.

Chantal Richard,

General Manager



A well-known team with Canada’s leading full-service Real Estate Company

Our success comes not only from our extensive knowledge & experience in this business, but also from our desire and ability to give the best possible service and support! Real estate deals are a long process and we recognize that, at the center of this process, are people with individual needs who deserve a personal approach by realtors they can trust. We strive to deliver such a high level of service, that we hope our clients will feel compelled to refer us to their family & friends. The Dicaire Team has been part of Royal LePage’s Chairman’s Club Top 1% of all realtors in Canada 11 times since 1998!


Lynne Dicaire
Yves de Niverville
Jasmin Dicaire

“Dear Mr. Bélair,
Just a small note to let you know how much we appreciate the excellence of your services since we opened in 2009. The courtesy that your employees extend to your customers is outstanding, and this clientele is often very fragile. From your first visit to the actual moving day, your customer service is excellent. The people who decide to take this big step are always a little traumatized by the change and you have been able to make this a very pleasant experience for them.
Trusting that everything is to your satisfaction, I remain,
Yours truly,”

Line Ménard
General Manager

“Dear Sir or Madam,
Les Résidences de la Gappe are very pleased to recommend to you, without hesitation, the services of Déménagement André Bélair. Our clients and employees have only good words to say about this company, who has been well established in the field of moving for many years.
We have done business with this firm since 2007 and they have always offered a service to our full satisfaction and without any problems. The expertise and the courtesy shown by your team is one of the reasons that make us proud to work together with you for the good of our new residents. The speed of the service and the manner in which you meet our needs are some of the strong points that set you apart from the competitors. We do not hesitate to recommend the services of the company Déménagement André Bélair.
Please accept my kindest regards,

Hélène Lirette
General Manager

“As real estate brokers, we are often asked for recommendations on various professionals. When people ask us if we know a good moving company, our answer is simple: Déménagement André Bélair.
We have been doing business with Mr. Bélair`s team for 15 years and the customers are always happy. The service they offer is fast and courteous and the employees are attentive to detail. I recommend the moving services of André Bélair to all my customers and friends.”


The Jacques Doucet Team

“Dear Sir or Madam,
As a new customer of Déménagement André Bélair, we can already attest to the high level of professionalism of this supplier. In fact, after only a few contracts, we notice that all the work done to date has respected the established deadlines as well as the special and particular needs of our clients.
Right away, we recognized the quality of the services offered. It is therefore without hesitation that we can recommend André Bélair`s team for all your moving needs. Sincerely yours,”

Sylvie Rioux

“We are pleased to confirm our entire satisfaction whenever we have done business with the moving company Déménagement André Bélair.We have used their moving services for many years and we recommend them.
This is a professional team that listens to the needs of its clientele and ensures a quality service in an opportune time.With my best regards,”

Marc Lafontaine

Dear Sir or Madam,
With this note we confirm that our clients use the moving services of Déménagement André Bélair and they are fully satisfied.
People can count on the punctuality, knowledge and experience of his personnel. The quality/price ratio is also important.
For all these reasons, we recommend this enterprise for its great professionalism.
With our best regards,“

Claudette Desmarais
General Manager

“ Dear Sir or Madam,
With this note, I would like to recommend to your organization the firm of Déménagement André Bélair for all your moving needs. We have used the services of Mr. Bélair for over 17 years, and I can attest to the speed of his response, his seriousness and his sense or organization as well as to the professionalism of his team.
It is with eagerness that I recommend the services of Déménagement André Bélair.
I will be pleased to remain available to you for any further information that you wish to discuss.
With my best regards,“

Royal LePageLine Charette
Administration Manager
Royal LePage
Ottawa Valley

“Good day,
New Look Eyewear has been working with Déménagement André Bélair for close to 10 years in the Ottawa and Montreal area and we have always been very satisfied with the services offered by this company. Mr. André Bélair and his team are very professional in their work, they are courteous and always punctual. These are the qualities that we look for in our field of business. I do not hesitate to recommend the services of this company for your needs in the transport of your goods. “

Jean Faucher

“Madame, MonsieurPar la présente, je vous confirme qu’à plusieurs reprises au cours des dix dernières années, nous avons fait confiance à l’entreprise Déménagement André Bélair et à son conseiller en déménagement, Monsieur André Bélair.Je peux vous confirmer que nous et nos clients(es) concernés ont toujours reçu un service professionnel de la part de cette entreprise.Suite à ces expériences positives, je me permets de vous recommander fortement les services de cette compagnie, Déménagement André Bélair.Vous pouvez les joindre au bureau (819) 815-1666 par fax (819) 815-2722 sans frais au 1-(855) 791-7155, monsieur Bélair sur son mobile au (819) 230-5728 par courriel : ab@andrebelair.com. Consultez leur site web au www.demenagementandrebelair.com. Espérant le tout conforme, veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de mes salutations les plus amicales.”

Gilbert J. Brisson Adm.A,
Century21 Multi-Services inc

“ It is always difficult to make a recommendation. One has to ensure that the third party works with the same quality standards as our own.
It is without reservation that I refer the services of Déménagement André Bélair to all my clients. This experienced team works with attention to detail and offers a personnalized and reliable approach. I know that my clients with always be satisfied. “Isabelle Bergeron


“ It is with great pride that I recommend Déménagement André Bélair.
We can count on their professionalism and their thoroughness at all times to accompany us in our moving projects.
Thank you for being our partner for many years.“

Carl Martin
Marketing Coordinator

To all those who are looking for quality services.

It is my great pleasure to warmly recommend the moving services of Mr. André Bélair. This homegrown firm also offers delivery services that could be very useful for you personally or for your business.

In both cases, you receive a fast and efficient service with the personal touch that characterizes the employees of Mr. Bélair’s company.

I have only heard very positive comments concerning this firm that distinguishes itself by its very high standards and its continued focus on the concerns of their clients.

Long life and true success to this inspiring enterprise!

Sincerely and cordially yours, “
Fernande Sirois

“ Good day André,

I would like to take the time to write to you to thank you and your firm for your impeccable work. It is reassuring in every sense of the word for the moving needs of the retired persons to our home. For all the members of the family, moving is a trying and tiring experience when it entails moving into a residence, and at this time, I would like to name the most beautiful residence in Outaouais, which is La Résidence du Domaine des Trembles.

There is an old saying that says that it is in the worst moments that we recognize our real friends. Moving is never a pleasurable moment, however you have been there, ready to meet your future customers in order to soothe any anxiety and to help carry numerous large boxes and pieces of furniture that are always bigger from one to the other, even though there are numerous stairs to climb up and down on each trip.

Thanks to you and your firm André, who have always been present in the life of our residence since the very beginning when we first opened our doors on April 1st, 2008 (our official opening), our residents have been able to quickly settle into their new home, especially because of the concern for detail that I know very well about you. And for this very reason, I am very grateful to you.

Until next time, “

Dear Sir or Madam,

Since our opening in 2001, our residence has always used the moving services of Déménagement André Bélair for our new residents.

We have always received excellent service from this firm and our residents are very satisfied. Their employees work carefully and diligently. Mr. Bélair answers and meets our needs quickly and very efficiently.

We strongly recommend this firm to you,

Lucie St-Jacques, General Manager