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Storage Solutions

If you are looking for a place to store your goods, regardless of their content and type, in Gatineau or Outaouais, Déménagement André Bélair owns facilities to satisfy all.

You can chose to use our basic storage service located in a fully safe environment at an affordable cost. You can also choose the best protection according to your requirements.

For our customers with more specific needs, our high-volume warehouse in a controlled and protected environment is the preferred solution. In theses premises, the temperature and the degree of humidity are mechanically controlled. Moreover, an effective sprinklers system is installed in every storage room to meet the highest safety standards. In order to protect your goods, our employees carefully packed your items before storing them in sealed wooden boxes, ensuring maximum protection.

Every year, our storehouses are inspected and certified by federal and Quebec governments, ensuring at Déménagement André Bélair a high-quality establishment.

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